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Nuffield Health Case Study

Keeping swimmers safe through exceptional training

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, with 37 hospitals, 114 fitness and wellbeing centres, medical centres and workplace wellbeing facilities.

Nuffield’s number 1 objective in its quality assurance framework is safety. This objective is to meet the highest possible standards of safety by avoiding harm. Testament to this is Nuffield’s dedication to providing the best possible training programmes to its pool lifeguards across its estate of fitness and wellbeing centres.

Nuffield made the decision to switch over to Highfield to certificate its lifeguards with the Highfield Level 2 Award in Pool Lifeguarding (RQF) for several reasons, including:

  • the exceptional supporting training resources available – including bespoke and branded first aid delegate packs that reflect changes to first aid legislation
  • the sustainability of the service – everything can be done through a single portal (including learner certification)
  • the simplicity of the service
  • the speed of certification
  • the exceptional customer service

Highfield accreditation for the Nuffield training programme

In addition to delivering the Highfield qualification, Nuffield has now created its own Basic Life Support programme, which is its flagship training programme for first aid, across its estate. It is now company policy for every Nuffield staff member to hold a first-aid qualification.

Highfield has supported Nuffield in writing the content of this programme and has also accredited its content.

Additionally, Highfield provides a printing service for Nuffield and prints the course books that support the delivery of the accredited programme.

Taking first aid training to the community

Having developed an incredibly successful training programme for its staff, Nuffield is also now giving back to local communities through the delivery of its first aid programme.

Client quote

‘Highfield has been really good, the service is outstanding. There’s always somebody there that can help when required. Whether that’s just being in the office for the day-to-day enquiries, but also if you wanted to establish, set up and accredit additional courses then there’s an entire team dedicated to support you with writing and accrediting your own courses as well.’ Kevin Tan - Learning and Development Specialist – Health and Safety