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E-portfolio MADE EASY

Highfield’s online, browser-based e-portfolio system, the ‘Vault’, allows learners to complete programmes of work, from short week-long courses to apprenticeships lasting several months/years.

We’ve designed this platform with YOU in mind.

Like most e-portfolio systems the Vault enables learners to access resources, store evidence, interact with their assigned tutor, plan their activities and view their progress. However, our customers tell us that it’s different because it’s so well priced and easy for learners and providers to set up, customise and use.

Learners will have the easiest and most engaging learning experience and your business will save time and money.

Why spend more? The Vault has all the features you will need, this is truly the best value e-portfolio system on the market. And although you’ll be paying less, you can rest assured you’ll continue to receive great support from the Highfield account management team.

If you’re looking for a system that is secure, simple, straightforward, and accessible for a clear fixed fee per learner, then look no further.

Get to know the best e-portfolio system


best eportfolio system



Easy Access

Access is easy, the design is user-friendly and suitable for learners with basic IT knowledge.


Secure online storage of the learner’s content and supporting evidence. All can be uploaded from most devices connected to the internet such as tablets, PCs and laptops.

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Single location

Delivers Highfield resources, including e-kits and e-learning, quickly and easily from one location.**

Off-the-job Calculator

Record keeping of the off-the-job activities and evidence, including the running total of the off-the-job hours and specific tasks/units.

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Real-time reports

Provides reports, progress tracking and statistics for tutors and providers.

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Fixed fees

Easily keep track of your costs with a fixed fee per learner.


The Vault MADE EASY for Employers and Training Providers

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Secure, simple and straightforward. You’ll have access to all the features and support you need.

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Better value for money

Our best value e-portfolio promise will save your business time and money.

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Collaborative learning

Tutors can review work, record feedback and interact with the learner.

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Bespoke content*

Have your own content and resources?
No problem, we’ll digitise and upload this for you to ensure we provide a good learner experience.

The journal

For those of you that don’t want to follow a standard structure, the journal links with the off-the-job calculator and allows for the programme to be tailored to individual learners

best learning platform for business

Internal quality assurance

The system provides a single location for IQAs to sample learners and review work and comments/interactions with the tutor.

The Vault MADE EASY for Learners

best learning platfoms


Learners will have the easiest, most-engaging learning experience and will be up and running in no time.

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Collaborative learning

Tutors can review work, record feedback and interact with the learner.


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The journal

Designed for learners and their tutors/assessors to record all completed activities

staff eportfolio


Secure online storage of the learner’s content and supporting evidence. All can be uploaded from most devices connected to the internet such as tablets, PCs and laptops.

Keep track of your payments with no surprises

With fixed fees per learner, you have full control of how much you spend with no unexpected bills. 

Fixed fees per learner

£12.50 + VAT for a standalone qualification

£25.00 + VAT for an Apprenticeship


easy to use eportfolio system


* Additional charges will apply for the digitisation of bespoke content.
** Highfield e-learning and e-kit resources are available to purchase separately.


What our customers say


‘The VAULT is a very flexible tool and it can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week which gives learners the flexibility to complete work at their convenience.

Highfield supported the digitisation of our bespoke resources alongside offering off the shelf resources which helped us expand our qualifications. The learners find the platform easy to navigate and enjoy completing their online qualifications.

Moving to an online learning model has been a great success for us and I would highly recommend the VAULT as part of any distance/blended learning solution.’

Scott Winter, Director, Finance and Management Business School

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‘We have found the Vault to be a user-friendly platform which has obviously been designed with learners in mind, our students have commented on how simple the platform is to navigate and the support we have received from all of the Highfield team during implementation has been fantastic.’

Gary Drake, Head of Contracts, PET-Xi Training Ltd

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‘Steadfast Training are delighted to be working with Highfield and the Vault to support our learners. The Vault is very user friendly for both the learners and the tutor. Additionally, we receive excellent support from the Highfield team.’

 Robert Wright, Employability & Skills Manager, Steadfast Training

Ready to get started with the Vault?

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