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Highfield Level 2 Certificate in Retail Knowledge (RQF)


Who is this qualification for?

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace or for learners who are looking to develop their knowledge and understanding to obtain employment within the sector.

How long will it take?

The total qualification time (TQT) for this qualification is 140 hours and of this, 93 are recommended as guided learning hours (GLH).

Topics covered

These include Understanding customer service in the retail sector, Understanding how a retail business maintains health, safety and security on its premises and Understanding how the effectiveness of store operations can be improved.

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by a portfolio of evidence and multiple choice tests.

Invaluable support for your learners 

Highfield Products provides some fantastic training materials that we think your learners will love when taking this qualification. Simply visit Retail Knowledge for details on our Apprenti-kit that supports this qualification.