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Highfield Level 3 Award in Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers (RQF)

Who is this qualification for?

The manager’s role is to lead, mentor and support an employee to proactively engage in their employment, contributing to the growth of an organisation and working in a way that supports the individual’s own growth as well as the organisation’s objectives and values. The management role involves supporting employees who may present with mental ill health in the workplace and this qualification provides an understanding of the basic principles relating to supporting mental health in the workplace and promoting a positive, ‘wellness at work’ culture.  This qualification can be taken by learners preparing to enter employment or by those who are already in employment. 

How long will it take?

The total qualification time (TQT) for this qualification is 15 hours and of this 10 are recommended as guided learning hours (GLH). 

Topics covered

This is a knowledge-only qualification that provides underpinning knowledge and understanding in relation to the principles of mental health, recognising mental ill health in self and others, supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace, understanding how to engage in mental health conversations in the workplace, how to support employees in relation to their mental health and ways to manage own wellbeing.   

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed through completion of an open-response learner workbook which will be assessed and internally quality assured by the centre