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Qualify at Home booking process

Highfield’s digital portfolio, Qualify at Home, can help keep your business on the front foot during the COVID-19 crisis, and turn home working into home learning and qualifying.

And getting started couldn’t be easier. Just follow the process below.

New orders

If you don’t have any exam/proctor packages already paid for, contact sales@highfield.co.uk to place your order

If you’re paying by card, we’ll give you a call back to take payment. If you have an invoice account, we’ll place the order and raise the invoice.

Let us know how many of each package you are ordering and at what level.

If your learners are ready to book on to exams, please complete this Exam Booking Form to provide us with the following details and email it to us at ribookings@highfield.co.uk

  • Learner name
  • Learner date of birth
  • Learner email address
  • Learner mobile number
  • Preferred exam date
  • Preferred exam time
  • Qualification/exam title

Booking learners onto exams

If you have existing registrations already on your account, please complete this Exam Booking Form and email it to us at ribookings@highfield.co.uk

Please remember to provide us with 10-working days’ notice for Functional Skills assessments and 5-working days’ notice for all other assessments.

Once bookings have been added by Highfield, the learner will receive an exam confirmation and two emails from ProctorExam. The first is for them to carry out a system check to ensure that the learner’s devices are suitable for remote invigilation. The second email is the exam instructions.

The centre will receive a copy of the Highfield exam booking confirmation email.


Support for learners with remote exams

To help support you and your learners further, we’ve created 2 video demonstrations of the Proctor Exam platform.

These videos will guide your learners through the process of system checks, exam setup and what to do after finishing an exam:

You may wish to incorporate these videos into your course delivery so that learners understand exactly how their exams will work on the day.




Once the learner confirms that they have finished the exam by clicking ‘End exam’, they will receive an on-screen notification of whether they have passed or failed.

The centre will then also receive a notification by email to confirm the result. This is usually done automatically, so it will be instantaneous. 

The e-certificate will also be available at this point to download.

If you need support on any of the above, please call us on 01302 363277 or email info@highfield.co.uk