The Digital College Case Study

A Digital First Partnership

Originally founded in 2011 as a provider of both classroom and digital training courses, the Digital College now designs, develops and delivers all of its accredited vocational training courses online.

Much like the Digital College, Highfield prides itself on being a digital-first awarding organisation. By 2013, both organisations had come together to form a long-lasting partnership that has since led to thousands of learners achieving their educational aspirations online.

Accredited Courses

The Digital College offers a wide range of training courses, including some areas where regulated qualifications aren’t available. To ensure these courses receive additional validity, the Digital College used Highfield’s course accreditation service.

This process involved Highfield rigorously evaluating the content and learning outcomes of each course put forward by the Digital College.

Remote Invigilation Support

The Digital College was also extremely supportive of working with Highfield to source a suitable remote invigilation partner at the onset of the national lockdown in 2020. This led to the incredibly successful partnership of Highfield and Proctor Exam, leading to Highfield’s Qualify at Home service, which is now an integral part of the Digital College’s offering to customers.

Digital Success

The Digital College now offers around 90 Highfield-accredited e-learning courses to their customers, with a total of 10 of these courses leading to a regulated Highfield qualification, facilitated by our remote invigilation services. This working partnership has reaped huge benefits for both organisations, but perhaps the biggest winners are those learners who are now able to achieve the qualifications they need to advance their career from the stress-free comfort of their own home.